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Alarm Components

On this page are all components for a sample installation of the alarm chain from the IOC to the alarm viewer tools in CSS. They are configured to run all on one PC. For now there is only a Windows version available.

The download links are on the right side of this page.

Soft IOC

The 'Soft IOC' contains the software 'IOC Log Client' necessary for sending alarm and log messages. An EPICS database with some records generating alarms is included. Start the batch file 'RunTrainIoc.bat in the root directory.

Interconnection Server

The Interconnection Server is a headless application based on Control System Studio. It receives the alarm and log messages from IOCs, converts them into JSM messages and send them to the JMS server. Start the file 'icserver.exe'.

JMS Server ActiveMQ

ActiveMQ is the implementation from Apache for the Java Message Service. There are two zip files of JMS server 'JMS Server 1' and 'JMS Server 2', because the alarm system is using two redundant JMS server. In zip file 'JMS Server 2' are just two files different from server 1. Please copy the other files from server 1.
Start both JMS Server with the batch file 'activemq.bat' in folder 'bin'. To stop the server use the link 'Stop ActiveMQ' in folder 'bin'.

Control System Studio

The plug-in 'Alarm Table' in Control System Studio connects to the JMS Server and shows all messages from the IOC.
Load the DESY version of CSS in section 'Download / First steps' on this page. Replace file 'plugin_customization.ini' in folder 'css' with the version on the right side of this page.
Start CSS with file css.exe, select menu 'CSS' -> 'Alarm' -> 'Alarm Table'.

Internal Link

Soft IOC (1.2 MB)

Interconnection Server (Windows) (32.0 MB)

Interconnection Server (Linux) (25.0 MB)

JMS Server 1 (ActiveMQ) (27.1 MB)

JMS Server 2 (ActiveMQ) (2KB)

Updated JAR 1 (972KB)

Updated JAR 2 (633KB)