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ADL Converter PlugIn

ADL Converter

What is the ADL Converter

The ADL Converter is a CSS PlugIn that is create to convert Control System Displays.
 This Program convert only from ADL-Format () to the Synoptic Display Studio format from the Control
 System Studio.


Use the ADL Converter


The handling of the ADL Converter is very simple. First push the "Open" button to
 choose the ADL-Files which you are convert. The choose files are displayed at the list and they are all
 selected. Second push the "Select Path" button to choose the target path at the Workspace. And at last
 push the "Convert" button to convert the ADL-Files. Only the selected Files in the List become converted.


New Conversion


For convert a other set of ADL-Files clear the List by push the "Clear" button and
 choose the new ADL-Files and a new target worspace path. Then start the new conversion.