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Control System Studio - CSS

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CSS Plugin Wizards

To use the wizards for CSS Plugins you need

  • an eclipse IDE installation (
  • the core plugins of css "org.csstudio.platform.*" (zip file on the right side or via CVS)
  • the plugin for the wizards "org.csstudio.developmentsupport_0.9.0.jar" (file on the right side)

Copy the file "org.csstudio.developmentsupport_0.9.0.jar" (link on the right side) in the plugin folder of your eclipse ide installation. On the next start eclipse loads the new plugin automatically.

Because all CSS Plugins have dependencies to the core plugins of CSS you have to import them in the eclipse workspace. In the zip file "" (link on the right side) are all necessary plugin projects.

Extract the zip archive.

Import the eclipse projects into the workspace: File -> Import

Type to import is "Existing Projects into Workspace"

Select the root directory with the extracted projects, check "Copy projects into workspace" and finish.

Now there are all necessary css core plugins in the workspace and you can create your own css plugin.

Create a new plugin project: File -> New -> Project

Select "PlugIn project"

Name the project and "Next".


Now you can select a template for the new css plugin project.

Internal Link

Plugin for CSS Wizards (85KB)

CSS Core Plugins (7.6 MB)