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User account at DESY

What do you have to do, to get a user account

  • Download the registration form (Link on the right side)
  • Print it out (2 sides)
  • Fill it out with the required information
  • Send us the form via fax, Tel.: +49 40 8998 4388
  • Please, write down your e-mail address
  • Send a mail to and to inform us that you've sent the fax.

How do I fill out the form?

Have a look at the images below. Klick on the magnifying glass to enlarge them.

Zoom (1.0 MB)

Page 1


Zoom (979KB)

Page 2


What are the next steps?

You should get a notification after you've sent/ faxed the registration forms. Please note that the initial password is only valid for one week!

How to change a password at DESY

Please log in to one of our machines and use the passwd command to set a new password!

You can use the web-server -> MindTerm (unsigned)
our machine (which has sometimes problems with ssh) :

DESY Requirements for Passwords to be accepted

Minimum length seven characters

 - under Unix you may use maximal 8, under windows maximal 14 characters.
 - For encryption reasons following password-lengths are recommended:
   -- Password only for Unix: 7 or 8 characters
   -- Password only for Windows: 7 or 14 characters
   -- Password for Unix and Windows: 7 characters

No use of words from dictionaries

Use of characters out of at least three of the following four categories

 - Upper case letters
 - Lower case letters
 - Numbers
 - Special characters
    allowed: !#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[]^_{|}
    NOT allowed: " blank \\ umlaut ctrl-character

No use of
 - own first names
 - own last names
 - own userid
 - special names
   special names are: desy, doris, petra, hera, tesla

Beware - The DESY account and the CodeBeamer account are independent and different!

Internal Link

Registration form (138KB)