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Control System Studio - CSS

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First Steps

This document describes the setup of an eclipse workspace that you can start with the development of new CSS plugins.

Get CSS Platform plugins

The plugins of the CSS platform are located in the CVS repository at Desy. (To get an user account at Desy and the settings for CVS access please see Get User Account at Desy and CVS Access.) Import all plugins from repository 'css-core' in your eclipse workspace. To work with the CSS plugins you need Eclipse version 'Eclipse for RCP/Plug-in Developers'.

Setup the Run configuration

Because CSS is based on the eclipse rich client platform (RCP) you have to start an eclipse application with the CSS plugins. Open 'Run dialog' (Menu 'Run' -> 'Open Run Dialog...') and define in section 'Program to run' the ID 'org.csstudio.startup.product'.

Zoom (32KB)

To select the plugins eclipse should include in the application select tab 'Plug-ins' and set the drop down list 'Launch with...' to 'plug-ins selected below only'. Check all plugins in workspace and uncheck all plugins of the target platform. Use the 'Add Required plugins' button to add the necessary plugins of the target platform automatically.

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Click 'Run' to start the CSS product.

CSS applications

For beginning the plugin 'org.csstudio.utility.sysmon' in CVS repository 'css-applications' is a nice example. It has few classes, no dependencies to other plugins and implements all important extensions like 'Views', 'Actions Sets', 'Preferences' and 'Help System'.