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Detailed Installation Info

This is the DESY version of CSS. It is based on the common CSS plug-ins but there are some additional components requires DB, JMS, ... server.

0. Prerequisite:
Java version 1.7 32 Bit or higher is required

1. Download the appropriate version for your operating system
The CSS DESY version has a prepared workspace with SDS and DataBrowser configuration files integerated. There is a developer and a operator version available: With developer version you are connected to the CVS server to write new files. In the operator version are just the configuration files.

If you want to update this version please have a look at this description.
A list of changes in the individual versions can be found here.

2. Extract the zip-file

3. Start CSS with the file 'css.exe'
On Linux/Unix systems set executable mode for file 'css'

4. To use settings and projects from your previous CSS installation copy folder 'workspace' from 'old' CSS to the new one.

4. Preferences:
Channel Access: select menu CSS -> Preferences -> CSS-Core -> EPICS and add your settings.
Archive (Data Browser): elect menu CSS -> Preferences -> CSS-Applications -> Trends -> Databrowser and add your settings.
(With a soft IOC you can generate test data locally for the CSS applications. Extract the zip-file and start the batch file 'RunSoftIOC'. In the EPICS settings set 'addr_list' to 'localhost' and restart CSS. The value of record 'EpicsDemo2' increases periodically from 0 to 125.)

Zoom (11KB)
Zoom (16KB)


If you need help - please contact the CSS-core mailing list or have a look whether some other css users are currently in the css-chat available.

Please go to our Wiki Page to learn more about new developments