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CSS Island version

The CSS Island version does not need additional environment like SQL databases, JMS server, etc.

0. Prerequisite:
Java version 1.6 or higher is required

1. Download the appropriate version for your operating system




Download Link

CSS Island



CSS Island (Windows)

CSS Island


Linux GTK

CSS Island (Linux GTK x86)

2. Extract the zip-file

3. Start CSS with the file 'css.exe'
On Linux/Unix systems set executable mode for file 'css'
You can 'Cancel' the XMPP login for now, it is necessary for remote management.
You will login as anonymous user into the XMPP server specified in the preferences.
You may want to set up your own XMPP server.

3.1 Starting CSS on Ubuntu 9.10 with KDE as well as OpenSUSE 11.2 with twm
You might run into this problem: Some buttons do not work in CSS
Running CSS with "GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1 ./css" fixes the problem.


If you need help - please contact the CSS-core mailing list or have a look whether some other css users are currently in the css-chat available.

Please go to our Wiki Page to learn more about new developments