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CSS Chat via DESY's XMPP Server


XMPP Server in Operation at DESY

The XMPP Protocol is ment to be used inside of CSS for CSS-Management purposes.
But - it can also be used for it's initial use: As an interactive (chat) protocol. XMPP is the same protocol which is used for Google-Talk. The local instance of an XMPP Server is now available at DESY:
Connect to:

One way to use that XMPP protocol is the Spark chat client which you can download.

Get Spark from the JiveSoft Website.

Feel free to connect to the XMPP Server.
You can login with your desired user/ password (no pre-registration necessary)
Please remember your account setting because they will also be used later on if you choose to make use of the CSS-Management features.

Get your password without installing Spark

Please ask your local administrator to create an account for you.
Your administrator has to log into the Wildfire Admin Webpage on the xmpp server at DESY.